Several preventive programs present healthy approach to life issues.
Be partner of this great ministry!
The lecturers of Healthy Youth Program reach up to 60,000 young people annually at Czech public schools.
Christian lecturers touching the lives of young generation!

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  • New reportages from four lecturer programs
    Read reportages from our lecturers´ programs. Filip Dvořák, Jan Novák, Václav Jiřiček and Monika Slunečková. Workers Ministry Reportages
    10. 4. 2019

  • Eliška Zeisková is a new lecturer from January 2019
    Eliška Zeisková became a new lecturer from January 2019. In our Health Youth programe there are 21 lecturers. Our Lectors
    11. 2. 2019

  • New reportage from program of Marek Vicany
    Marek Vicany and his friends offer schools in the Healthy Youth a service that goes beyond the usual lectures. Read more about their program we have visited. Reportage
    7. 11. 2018

  • Fresh reportage from program of a new lecturer
    Filip Dvořák is a member of Helathy Youth team since January 2018. Read how does he manage a program for adolescents. Reportage
    7. 5. 2018


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